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Cargo transportation from China by railway

Cargo transportation from China to Russia by railway

GNS Logistic focuses on cargo transportation from China to Russia by railway. Geography of transportation covers main Chinese railway stations and cargo delivery to Russian cities. The main of them are Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar. Also, your cargo is possible to be delivered by railway to other cities. The cargo is carried in the 20- and 40-feet equivalent containers.

Types of cargo transportation from China to Russia

Meanwhile there are two types of cargo transportation:

  • Combined transportation by sea + by railway, when the cargo from China is delivered to Vladivostok by sea, then it is transshipped to the cargo train and carried to the destination city in Russia. This variant is longer as a rule but at a more favorable price.
  • And direct railway transportation, when cargo is loaded to the cargo train at the station of origin in China and is carried to Russia without transshipment. Such variant of cargo delivery is usually faster but more expensive.

Where in Russia do we deliver cargoes by railway

Main stations of destination are Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar. If the consignee’s warehouse is located in other city, we shall deliver containers by road to the final destination upon customs clearance is completed.

Specific features of cargo transportation by railway to Moscow

In Moscow cargo trains arrive to the stations Vorsino, Beliy Rast, Electrougly, Selyatino, Khovrino. We ensure unloading, terminal handling, customs clearance and documenting of the containers at all such stations. Also, we ensure cargo delivery to the consignee’s warehouse. We provide cargo delivery from China to Moscow by railway by means of servicing direct trains from Vladivostok.

Along with delivery to Moscow we provide cargo transportation by railway to other cities.

Specific features of cargo transportation by railway to Rostov-on-Don

In the south main point of destination for cargoes transported from China by railway is Rostov-on-Don. There is infrastructure for receiving and handling of huge freight traffic volume there and it is being developing more and more.

Nowadays there are two stations in Rostov-on-Don: Rostov-Zapadniy and Rostov-Tovarniy. Freight terminal Forte-Trans is operating at the station Rostov-Zapadniy. Mainly it handles cargoes which are delivered by Fesco line. Freight terminal Transcontainer is operating at the station Rostov-Tovarniy where their own containers and cargoes are handled as well as cargoes delivered by other lines. All kinds of customs examinations, cargo repacking and pick-up operations can be performed at both terminals.

Cargo delivery from China to Krasnodar by railway

We may offer container cargo delivery by railway to Krasnodar. This is new route both for partners and for local logistics specialists. We arranged procedures for the cargo receiving and handling in Krasnodar by efforts of our forwarding department.

Cargo arrives at the station Krasnodar-Sortirovochnaya to the Transport terminal. Dry, phytosanitary and veterinary cargoes are handled here. Cargo repacking and all customs examination procedures can be performed at the terminal. Upon customs clearance and release of the cargo it is picked up to the consignee’s warehouse by container truck.

The terminal is located within the city boundaries and it makes much easier to deliver containers by trucks upon customs clearance. All consignees who are situated in Krasnodar region enjoy advantages of such location of transportation hubs.


Cargo delivery cost consists of two components: delivery by sea to Vladivostok and cargo transportation by railway around the Russian Federation from Vladivostok further to other Russian cities.

Rate may change every day, that is why we always update our proposal for the client before booking placement.

As on May 2023 range of prices for transportation of 40-feet container by sea + by railway from China to Moskow is between $6.150 – $6.800. Total amount depends on remoteness of the Chinese port.


Cargo train from China moves at a rate of 900 km per day. Term is 16-20 days from the station of origin in China to the station of destination in Russia. But this term does not include days spent on the cargo execution at the border and time required for waiting for loading. Taking into consideration these factors delivery term may vary between 22 and 45 days. It depends on seasonal fluctuation of demand and charge capacity of transshipment stations.

It is important to note that car may stay in the station stock for 2 – 7 days before it is transferred to the terminal. At the terminal cargo car is handled within 24 hours.


The rate includes:

  • Transportation by railway,
  • Execution of transit of goods (on the client’s request),

The following services are paid separately:

  • Security services,
  • Cargo insurance.


Cargo transportation by railway has a wide range of advantages:

  • It does not depend on weather conditions;
  • Railway transport goes regularly;
  • Tariffs do not change depending on season;
  • Railway stations are located nearer to the clients’ warehouses as compared to the sea ports.

Now cargo transportation by railway is developing rapidly. Earlier local freight terminals worked oftener as transportation companies carrying personal baggage for long distance travelling, but now railway freight terminals are being adapted and reconstructed for handling with huge traffic of container cargoes.

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