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Cargo delivery from Turkey

Cargo transportation from Turkey via Novorossiysk

In realities of modern world when old logistic chains for cargo delivery are destroying in a sweeping way Turkey remains among the few countries who have not supported sanctions against Russia. There are still marine carriers trading between Russia and Turkey via port of Novorossiysk and our company can assist you in delivering of your cargo from Turkey or in exporting your goods to Turkey.

Turkey has been one of the key economic partner of Russia for many years. Steady turnover of import and export international transactions has been established between the countries.

Turkey does not have large mineral reserves but it is among the world leaders in manufacturing of agricultural products, clothes and shoes, household appliances, construction materials and chemicals. Automobile construction and shipbuilding industries are well developed in Turkey.

What goods are imported from Turkey

In course of the whole history of our company we have been involved in active importing goods from and exporting them to Turkey. Our customers buy the following goods in the country:

  • PVC crumbles
  • Film
  • Paint
  • Industrial equipment
  • Tires
  • Packing materials
  • Elevators
  • Construction materials
  • Laundry and home care chemicals
  • Perishable foods and other.

How can one carry cargo from Turkey to Russia

Turkey has its own marine container lines with regular voyages and representative offices in Novorossiysk.

These lines are Arkas, Akkon, Admiral, VERIM, Lider Line and Fesco.

Nowadays, when Russia turned out to be under sanctions, which resulted in the largest world carriers’ refusal to call our ports, some Turkish lines go on providing services all around the Black Sea via Novorossiysk. That is why we have possibility to render services for cargo transportation by sea from Turkey to Russia with full forwarding support and further delivery around the RF.

Sea ports in Turkey

Main ports in Turkey:

  • Port of Ambarli
  • Port of Gebze
  • Port of Gemlik
  • Port of Istanbul
  • Port of Izmir
  • Port of Izmit
  • Port of Mersin
  • Port of Samsun

By the way, perishable foodstuff is carried to Russia from the Port of Samsun in refrigerated containers. Upon such cargo’s arrival to Novorossiysk we have opportunity to ship export cargoes in the same containers. And they are not be necessarily perishable goods. Transit time for shipment to the Port of Samsun is 3 days.

Term of the cargo delivery from Turkey to Russia

Transit time of cargo delivery from Istanbul to Novorossiysk by sea is 33 hours, from Izmir – 53 hours, from Gemlik - 36 hours. But this period does not include time required for container delivery, execution of documents, customs clearance when shipping or receiving the cargo, for forwarding in the port and cargo transferring to or from the port.

That is why term of the cargo delivery from Turkey to Novorossiysk is between 3 to 14 days depending on the port of origin and marine line route.

How much does cargo transportation from Turkey cost

Marine freight cost from / to Turkey to/from Novorossiysk before pandemic started from 400$ per container. But in 2020, 2021 cost of marine freight went on increasing every month. Growth of prices for the cargo delivery was caused by deficit of line equipment. Now freight cost may reach 2500-3000$ because of high insurance charges. It changes every week and depends on the container volume, port, Incoterms conditions and route of the container line.

Also, our company may deliver your cargo from Turkey to Russia by trailer truck over land (approximately within 12-14 days) and by airfreight via Iran.


To deliver cargo to Russia from Turkey, you must have trusted agents in this country. Our company has been working with its partners for more than 10 years, so we are confident in the quality of the service provided in Turkey.

We carry out all the necessary operations for the delivery of goods from Turkey to Russia:
  • Delivery of cargo to the port of Turkey;
  • Registration of all necessary documents;
  • Port forwarding;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Organization of sea freight;
  • Forwarding and customs clearance of cargo in Novorossiysk, including certification;
  • Auto delivery to the recipient's warehouse.

All necessary foreign economic operations require certain licenses, agreements with port services, and specialists. All this is provided by our company, you just need to conclude an agreement with us. We work only with legal entities.

Upon the cargo’s arrival to Novorossiysk we perform customs clearance, forwarding in the port and carry it further by road or railway transport to the client’s warehouse.

We’ll be happy to do a service for you!

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