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Customs clearance Novorossiysk


GNS group of companies is included into the Register of customs representatives. We are ready to assist in customs clearance of goods imported through Novorossiysk customs. We also submit declarations when the goods are cleared at: Также подаём декларации в зоне деятельности:
  • - Rostov customs;
  • - Krasnodar customs;
  • - South Excise Customs;
  • - Energy customs;
  • - Moscow e-declaration center.

Advantages of customs clearance of cargo at the border for the consignee are as follows:

  • You shouldn’t prepare a set of documents for transit which will considerably save your time and money;
  • There is no need to keep the cargo at temporary storage warehouse (SVH);
  • Cargo delivery will cost less as there is no need to pay for movement under customs regime;
  • Cleared cargo can be loaded to any truck;
  • Time of cargo delivery will be shortened

We execute import, export, re-import, re-export, temporary import and temporary export. In the course of submission of customs declaration to the customs authorities we arrange all relating procedures at cargo clearance stage: perform examination, weighing, pass the procedure of sanitary and quarantine control, etc.

To go into details we do the following during customs clearance of cargo:

  • Pre-check the documents provided by the client in advance;
  • Determine HS Code;
  • Calculate the cost of customs duties and fees;
  • Establish the necessity of certification and prepare all required approval documents if necessary;
  • Issue and submit Goods Declaration to customs authorities;
  • Perform all required port operations with cargo (weighing, examination, sanitary and quarantine control, etc.);
  • Submit the documents to the customs in electronic or hard copy;
  • Submit additional documents to the customs upon request;
  • Perform additional operations after customs declaration issuing.

GNS Logistic advantage is customs clearance in Novorossiysk. We offer to our clients when clearing the goods at Novorossiysk customs the possibility of paying all customs charges from our own “customs card” which excludes loss of time for bank transfers of advance payments, simplifies the control over payments completion, eliminates the possibility of customs clearance delay due to delayed advance payments. We also offer opportunity to pay customs duties on the basis of short-term lending. Payback period, loan volume and terms are agreed with each foreign trade operator individually.

The main result of customs clearance is issuing of Customs Declaration.

Customs declaration contains information about the cargo, its customs value, transport means by which it is delivered, shipper and consignee. After obtaining this document the cargo is considered to be customs cleared. Customs payments and cost of customs clearance in Novorossiysk consists of three components: customs fees, duty (in case it is provided by HS code) and VAT.

GNS company also performs customs export of cargoes in Novorossiysk ports. Customs export regime in Novorossiysk complies with FZ 289 dated 2018.08.03 "On customs regulation in the Russian Federation" and with all amendments to the customs legislation.

Cost of customs clearance for export consists of two components – customs fees and duty (if provided by HS code).

Apply to GNS for customs clearance and you’ll feel how quick and efficient it can be performed.

To calculate
the cost of customs clearance
We’ll help to calculate the cost of customs clearance, clear the cargoes under export, import, transit, re-export, temporary import customs procedures.

The documents required for Cargo Customs Declaration issuing in Novorossiysk for imported goods
The documents required for Cargo Customs Declaration issuing in Novorossiysk for exported goods