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Transportation of dangerous goods

Transportation of dangerous goods by road requires high professionalism and maximum responsibility on the part of carriers.

There is a whole list of international regulations which observance guarantees high ecological safety of cargoes transportation.

GNS group of companies delivers dangerous cargoes of all classes (according to IMDG Code classification), excluding for the first one. Our preparation of dangerous cargo for transportation include:

  • Check possibilities of different carriers to accept dangerous cargo and choose optimum contractor;
  • Accept the cargo from the warehouse and arrange loading onto the transport means;
  • Apply special marking in compliance with transportation rules;
  • In case of motor transportation choose vehicle and equip it in accordance with requirements to the specific dangerous cargo transportation;
  • Prepare the set of required documents in accordance with requirements of RF and the countries through the territory of which the cargo will be transported;
  • Insure the cargo.

Transportation is carried out in strict observance of international regulations. The work is done by the specialists having big experience of work with dangerous cargoes.

We offer the most efficient solutions and maintain reasonable prices for full package of services.

There is a whole list of rigid international requirements to the dangerous cargoes transportation observing which will guaranty high ecological safety during their transportation.

  • ADR (Agreement on Dangerous Goods by Road) — agreement between European countries about dangerous goods transportation. Was created on the UN initiative and is effective in the territories of all countries of European Union, Marocco, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan . In Russia its analogue DOPOG is in effect.
  • IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) — agreement on dangerous goods carriage by sea.
  • ICAO-TI (Technical Instructions for The Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by AIR) — agreement on dangerous goods carriage by air.
  • RID (International Regulations Concerning the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail) — agreement on dangerous goods transportation by rail.

International community created the list of dangerous goods (over 3000 names) and their classification. A dangerous substance of a specific class can be transported only with observance of the rules specially developed for it.

Transportation of dangerous cargoes by road requires high professionalism and maximum responsibility on the part of carriers.

A standard set of documents for dangerous goods processing in Novorossiysk:

  • Material Safety Data Sheet;
  • IMO Dangerous Goods Declaration;
  • Certificate of packing correspondence to IMDG Code requirements;
  • Guarantee letter for dangerous goods and their wastes disposal in case of emergency (from consignee/shipper/forwarder – depending on situation). The letter shall specify dangerous goods manufacturer and shipper;
  • Contract for acceptance and disposal of dangerous goods waste with a licensed company;
  • Agreement with the port for dangerous goods removal (including by direct variant).

All documents shall be effective as of the date of their presenting. All copies shall be certified by the stamp of the company and signed by authorized representative.

We make dangerous goods transportation safe!

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