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There are two types of certification in the Russian Federation and Customs Union: mandatory and voluntary. The necessity of mandatory certification is regulated by relevant laws. The imported/exported goods are subject to mandatory certification when their HS code is on the list of goods which conformity is required to be confirmed. In such cases the customs applicant will not be able to prepare customs declaration without appropriate document confirming goods correspondence to the requirements of technical regulations or GOST R. And failure to present the document of correspondence may cause the exporter/importer’s container demurrage.

The retailers don’t accept the goods without the document confirming conformity, and any trade without appropriate documents may entail penalty or products seizure in case of inspections by regulatory authorities or loss of trust of the customers in case certificate or declaration are not presented upon the customer’s request.

In case the goods are not subject to mandatory certification they can be certified voluntarily for the purposes of raising the level of confidence on the part of the consumers and competiveness.

Besides there is a procedure for sanitary and quarantine control at the Customs union border. According to the Decree dated 30.09.2011 N 1996 within 3 days after the goods crossing the border of the Customs union one of the following documents shall be presented to the customs authorities in case the good are subject to sanitary and quarantine control:

  • Certificate on state registration of the products;
  • Veterinary certificate;
  • Phytosanitary certificate;
    - Depending on the products type.

There is a subdivision in the GNS group of companies – GNS Expert which offers to the exporters/importers to carry out the procedure for conformity confirmation in any form both separately or in complex with other logistics and transportation services.

Applying to us for certification in Novorossiysk you will get:

  • Professional consultations regarding the requirements of confirmation of products conformity and safety;
  • Information about the necessity of issuing the document on confirmation of your products conformity (declaration of conformity, certificate of conformity, exemption letter, voluntary certificate, certificate of state registration)
  • Issuing of documents required for products conformity confirmation;
  • Checking the goods marking correspondence to the requirements of effective Technical Regulations of the Customs Union and GOST R.

If you order certification at GNS Expert you’ll get personal manager, consultations, quick documents execution corresponding to all statutory regulation.

To calculate
the cost of certification services
We’ll help to calculate the cost of certification services, clear the cargoes under export, import, transit, re-export, temporary import customs procedures.

To calculate the cost of certification services