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Transportation of oversized heavy cargo

Oversized cargoes, transportation of heavy-load cargoes

Oversized cargoes are the cargoes which sizes exceed the vehicle dimensions. Their weight usually exceeds 30 tons, they can be packed or not.

Oversized cargoes are carried by motorways by special vehicles or by sea, which requires maximum coordination for numerous tasks solution:

  • Preparation of required set of documents (including permits);
  • Exact elaboration of the route excluding problem areas;
  • Special machinery selection required for transportation of non-standards oversized heavy load cargoes;
  • Loading operations considering all peculiarities of cargo and its transportation;
  • Cargo marking and sealing meeting the requirements of its safety;
  • Cargo insurance (at the client’s option).

GNS company has experience in the sphere of transshipment and transportation of non-standard, oversized and heavy load cargoes, including metal structures, techniques, etc.

We know everything about oversized cargo!

Cargoes which sizes exceed the vehicle dimensions are considered to be oversized.
Their weight usually exceeds 30 tons, they can be packed or not.

The following goods are traditionally referred to oversized cargoes:
architectural compositions, metal and reinforced concrete structures, track and wheel vehicles, timber, machine units, etc.

Our specialists are ready to handle your oversized cargo efficiently and in due time.

To handle cargoes in Novorossiysk port GNS group of companies has direct Contracts with: PJSC “NCSP”, NUTEP LLC. Working with us you’ll always be informed at which terminal your cargo is located and handled.

We work only with reliable professional contractors to transport non-standard, oversized and heavy load cargoes of our clients.

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