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Sea carriage is the safest and at the same time the most cost-efficient means of transport. GNS group of companies has been rendering sea transportation services to its clients for over ten years already.

We arrange sea transportation of:

  • Shipload lots of bulk cargoes;
  • Oversized, piece and project cargoes;
  • RO-RO type cargoes (hauling trucks and trailers, cars and other Ro-Ro machinery);
  • Containerized cargoes.

GNS company’s wide experience in the arrangement of containerized cargoes transportation and long-term relations with leading sea container lines let us offer some of the best terms in the market for imported and exported goods. It should be noted that almost every type of cargo can be transported in a container: piece, bulk, loose, consolidated, oversized, dangerous and perishable. There are no limits for us in geography: using a wide agents’ chain we can render services almost in any port of the world.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Delivery of empty containers to the shipper’s warehouse;
  • Arrangement of quality control (survey) of goods;
  • Choosing the optimum route;
  • Customs formalities, both in the port of departure and destination;
  • Sea freight from any port of the world to any other port;
  • Port forwarding and transit clearance;
  • Certification;
  • Warehousing and distribution;
  • "Door" delivery to consignee’s warehouse by any convenient transport means.

Sea carriage is the main and primary type of services which are rendered by GNS group of companies to its clients. Apply to us for sea freight! You’ll get competitive rates and qualitative service from best sea carriers.

To calculate
the cost of freight
We’ll help to calculate the cost of freight, clear the cargoes under export, import, transit, re-export, temporary import customs procedures.

To calculate the cost of freight